Thetahealing® and the Graceful Healing Pathways Cell Regeneration Process    

This heals or improves conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, guilt, abuse, low self- confidence, poor self esteem, destructive relationships and other physical, emotional and psychological dysfunctions. Both these modalities contain simple effective solutions to address those issues.


 Sharada Introduces Thetainspirations


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ThetaHealing® is the most profound life transforming and powerful healing paradigm available today. Why?

Theta healing is one of the fastest ways to access and reprogram the subconscious mind that runs 95% of your responses to life. Can you imagine how powerful you could be if you harness the power of your mind, make deliberate better choices and take charge of your 95%?  >>>>>>

Graceful Healing Pathways Cell Regeneration Process

Soon aging bodies could be a historical fact. This knowledge trains us to self heal and regenerate our bodies back  to the perfect original blueprint  >>>>>>


  1. Thetahealing® all 8 Levels
  2. Graceful Healing Pathway cell regeneration process
  3. Meditation
  4. Transform stress into zest
  5. The Easy Fast Fat release program
  6. Cellercise the 15min Youth Restoration Secret

All courses will deepen various aspects of self healing and also proficiency as a professional therapist.

All the courses will challenge you to achieve your personal best. These courses will enhance your intuition and fast track your psychic healing abilities. ThetaHealing teaches you how to reach and maintain a theta state in 30 seconds. Re-program your brain, heal your traumatic past and create new life enhancing feelings. Imagine if you knew how to take charge of your 95% subconscious mind and deliberately  regenerate your cells and organs to the perfect original blueprint! 

“When we work together, your personal healing process begins. When I teach you, you have your own healing tools to play with for life”

Theta Meditation CD 

Reinvent yourself and be a master of your own destiny Mastery of your subconscious mind that runs 95% of your responses to life Open your heart to your joyous mystical self.  >>>>>>

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