Graceful Healing Pathways Cell Regeneration Process

Soon aging bodies could be a historical fact. This knowledge trains us to self heal and regenerate our bodiess  back to the perfect original blueprint of health and well being.

Why Graceful Healing Pathways? 
We are living in very exciting times. There is so much knowledge available at the click of a button. It can be overwhelming.  Where do we start? WHO AM I?  I am sharing with you my over 40yrs of experience, skills, knowledge and wisdom in the search for who am I.

This cell regeneration process is part of the overall aim to achieve wholeness in who we truly are :   Magnificent powerful spirit, Joyous heart, Clear mind with a Healthy youthful body.  This GHP brings together a simplified collection of the most up to date knowledge and practical exercises,  to empower, guide and inspire YOU to take charge of your life confidently in the energy, of love with ease and grace.

We train ourselves and apply in our daily lives sacred ancient wisdom and modern quantum physics. We access the knowledge and power of the third eye, pineal gland, chakras, multidimensional DNA,  universal calibration lattice, electro-magnetic fields, informational fields, healing intentions, meditation and  heart opening  to realign, heal, restore and maintain our wholeness.

Attain Happiness and healthy longevity through self-mastery.


As we evolve we impact and make a difference to the collective consciousness around us. Previously a damaged spinal cord was considered a life sentence, Now there are glimpses of the body’s healing capacity given the correct energetic and physical environment. Currently there is more physical evidence that removed organs such as kidney, uterus, ovary, appendix, tonsil and teeth have been regenerated. This new knowledge facilitates this unique regeneration process of our cells and organ, we have the opportunity to make this a norm rather than an exception. We are shown that this physical body can by choice be as eternal as we choose it to be. Right now pioneering Scientists are discovering aspects of energy and stem cell healing that give a WOW factor to us that are alive today. This new knowledge is a massive quantum leap in consciousness, provides tools to regenerate and rejuvenate this body. Eternal soul, we know and accept. Now we can embrace the knowledge that our souls could also have an eternal youthful healthy body to adventure with in this playground of life. As we repeatedly hear and see new information, new evidence, it becomes our belief . 

The power of our NEW beliefs will create and manifest the new reality that we will see !

*New Knowledge Cell/Organ Re-generation process is from Russia with love for humanity. This new knowledge is originally created by a Russian academic, Grigori Grabovoj, who graduated from the Tashkent State University, faculty of applied mathematics and mechanics. As a clairvoyant, he received specific knowledge of creation itself. The whole world today is at a critical junction, a crossroad as it has accumulated over time, many potentially destructive weapons, disease, poverty and suffering. It is vital to lift and shift human consciousness to bring back harmonization on all levels of this beautiful planet.
By expanding our consciousness with this new knowledge, we on this expanded level, take ownership of our innate divine power. We are one with Creator and have access to all the information stored in our whole soul. We are given the description of our soul structure and this human body only houses a sixth of our whole soul. This knowledge guides humans to self heal and recreate our organs and bodies back to the original Creator’s perfect blueprint, We will achieve and maintain youthfulness and a long-sought independence and freedom from destiny and Karma, We are reminded and shown HOW to be powerful creators, totally congruent heart, mind and spirit. The true meaning of eternal life, paradise, heaven on earth is understood and manifested now, through the application of this New Knowledge Organ Re-generation Process as required. Our all powerful spirit taking charge of this physical body to adventure and manifest on this planet. 
Under the directive of Grigorij Grabovoij, the scientists Igor Witaljewitch, Arepjev and Arcady Petrov founded institutes like “ARIGOR”, “Noosfera” and “SIGOR”, where they worked on regenerating organs and dental structures.

Please watch "The unfolding of Grigori Grabovoi's journey" as a leader in today's healing through consciousness field: –

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The documentary of Arcady Petrov: “Light of eternity”:
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A  presentation from a scientific aspect. TED Susan Lim cells not organs Transplant.
YouTube Preview Image
Also The Living Matrix The New Science of Healing
YouTube Preview Image
“I am going to show them… a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries, a world where anything is possible.  Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.”

This quote from Neo in ‘The Matrix’ reflects the latest understanding of Nobel Prize winning physicists. They’ve proven the physical world is like a sea of energy flashing in and out of being, in milliseconds over and over again.

So why when you look at reality you see solid objects instead of a flashing cluster of energy?
A movie is a collection of about 24 frames a second. Each frame is separated by a gap. Due to the speed of the frames, our eyes are fooled into thinking we see a continuous and moving picture.
It’s the same with reality. What we think is 'true and solid' is really an illusion almost like a magic trick. Fortunately we’ve begun to see through the illusion Right now pioneering Scientists are discovering aspects of energy and stem cells that give a WOW factor to us that are alive today. The NKCRP, a massive quantum leap in consciousness, provides tools to regenerate and rejuvenate this body. Soon aging bodies could be a historical fact. Would you like to BE and FEEL Younger by choice?
Come and join us in our 2 two day workshop and you will be equipped for a creative lifetime of happiness,youthfulness and enhanced quality of life.

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