Advanced DNA

2. Advanced DNA2

The Advanced course will enhance and accelerate your understanding of Theta Healing. Take the next step and expand your knowledge of the most effective, instantaneous and dynamic personal development technique available in the world today.

This course will fast track your healing and psychic abilities. You will learn to bring about amazing shifts in consciousness on every level of your being. The Advanced course was designed by Vianna Stibal to foster greater spiritual enlightenment by facilitating and teaching people like yourself to experience the highest spiritual plane of existence where you connect to the pure divine energy.

The Advanced Theta Healing course will further enhance your life in miraculous ways.

Imagine reaching a state of true harmony, spirituality, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Utilising Advanced Theta Healing technique you can actualise and materialise your desires into reality.

The Advanced Theta Healing course will teach you to empower and transform your life by:

  • Rapidly healing you on every level of your being eg broken heart/soul  
  • Achieving spiritual enlightenment and growth
  • Manifesting abundance and prosperity 
  • Growing your confidence and self esteem
  • Gaining more knowledge to perform instant healing
  • Working on plants, crystals, businesses, houses
  • Receiving hundreds of powerful downloads

Connecting with your higher self and ancestors 
Creative speeding up or slowing down time 

Prerequisite: Basic DNA from a certified Thetahealing teacher.

Advanced DNA is required for Intuitive Anatomy, the Rainbow Children’s Program and all of the Teachers’ Certification courses.

Course fee $627

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