Manifesting and Abundance

3. Manifesting and Abundance

Imagine a life filled with joy, harmony, abundance and financial prosperity. You can create all your hearts desires and manifest the all divine prosperity that is your birth right. Picture yourself fully empowered, financially secure and successful beyond your wildest dreams. Channelled by Vianna Stibal, a true master of manifesting, this course will accelerate the manifestation process at a quantum level. You will discover many of the misconceptions about manifesting and the Law of Attraction. You will truly discover “The Real Secret” to creating your abundant life.

Unlike other prosperity courses, this course specifically addresses all the issues, struggles, triggers and beliefs that are holding you back at every level of you being, such as:

  • Group consciousness in regards to inflation, increased petrol prices, increasing interest rates, high cost of living
  • Past lives vows, pledges, blood oaths and contracts of poverty and subservience
  • Childhood beliefs, emotions and issues
  • Genetic ideals, issues and stresses concerning famine, plunder, drought, depression, wars, devastation, persecution, injustices
  • Issues or worthiness and desirability Clearing anger, resentment, frustrations that span through eons of time
  • Scarcity beliefs that restrict your abundance
  • Transmuting negative feeling, emotions and triggers in regards to achieving true wealth

You will learn and experience the manifesting principals that will propel your life:

  • Discover and heal the beliefs necessary to manifest your wishes and dreams
  • Co-create with the Divine to truly manifest something that is even more miraculous that you have ever dreamed of
  • Radiate the qualities and emotions that will transform your life
  • Receive guidance from the infinite intelligence
  • Work with the laws of time, spaces and spirituality to create abundance
  • Release fears, worries or concerns about your finances and your future
  • Charge inanimate objects to work for you – your house, bank account, stocks, car, investments
  • Be open to receive and allowing your good to come
  • Attract the relationships, objects, circumstances, income streams and situations that are for your highest good
  • Radiate with the vibrancy of beauty, love and bliss
  • Propel your leadership, entrepreneurial, business and management skill

Course fee $480

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