Free GHP Process


I am in spirit, I am one with the Creator, I see and act as the Creator does.
My transformation blesses the whole creation.

My intention with this process is to allow healing and transformation into my life.
I go to the past, my soul knows exactly when, to an hour before the first time that an event or a decision by another person triggered me to give up the freedom to make my own decisions.
From that time and place I make a new choice-
I will follow the bright and shining path in total alignment with Creator and who I truly am in this lifetime. By changing my past I change my life RIGHT NOW.

My choice for freedom to make decisions for my highest good, now active in my life, allows me to receive healing and transformation without fear, allows me to accept different pathways that nurture my journey through life, allows me to reach my full potential with confidence, to learn life’s lessons with love, wisdom and appreciation.

I illuminate this decision with the light from my soul and fixed with the light of the Creator and sent into infinity.

And so it is manifested with joy in my heart and a grateful knowing in my whole being.