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HeAbout Sharada

Sharada Rumi is of a Thai origin from a tiny remote village in northern Malaysia, now residing in Melbourne, Australia. 

She has been very fortunate in life, to be intuitively guided; to meet people and go places that she needed to connect with. She grew up in that village exposed to many varied effective unconventional healing methods, such as herbs, chants, prayers, spiritual guides, fasting etc. 

SharadaShe was initiated into spiritual meditation at the age of 13. Surrounded and trained by ancient wisdom that was beyond modern comprehension, daily miraculous phenomena were accepted as a norm. A great grandfather who chopped down huge trees and dragged them home without mechanical help and who looked 30 at the age of 70 when he died.

She has a passionate lifelong quest for tools to reclaim an ancient power that maintains youthful bodies, opens the heart, stills the mind, heals on the deepest level and integrates the physical and spiritual self. Thus began her prophesized inspirational path to serving humanity and supporting spiritual growth.

In year 2000 she found Thetahealing. This modality uncovered the key to that ancient wisdom and then another cutting -edge modality; the Russian New Knowledge cell regeneration. RNK opens another aspect of healing and understanding that this body is made of energy that is eternal. Restoring youthfulness  and maintaining health and wellbeing is an inborn skill that has been forgotten and needs to be remembered again.

Every new discovery supports the next progressive steps in the evolution of humanity and group consciousness on this planet. What a joy and privilege  to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers humans to experience who they truly are, magnificent powerful spirits in a human body, masters of creation, all knowing, capable of infinite possibilities beyond limitations of this physical realm. 

May you all experience the joy, love and the wonder of being alive at this incredible time.

We are who we think, we create our own reality, begin the first step of self – mastery right Now. 

Experience the simple art of changing your minds and watch the wonder of your own creations!

Learn to Confidently create your own Health, Wealth and Happiness.

My aims

  • To share the best modalities that I have learnt and practiced for day to day use by everyone.
  • To present the mountains of knowledge available in a concise and simple to understand style
  • To provide the best practical, simple, and effective tools to manage your life with ease and grace

Nurse Practitioner
MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Facilitator
Graceful Healing Pathways Founder and Master Facilitator
Theta Healing® Master and Certificate of Science
Training and Assessment Certificate 4 (TAE40110)
Reflections Facilitator
Russian New Knowledge Facilitator
Virtues Facilitator
Massage Therapist

Email: sharada@thetainspirations.com

About Tony Neale

I have been blessed to meet her and then to marry Sharada on March 15th 2009. Together we are determined to make a difference and I compliment Sharada’s powerful Theta courses by offering coaching and mentoring to allow people to use these tools via the “Sculpture their future” course.

What will I do for you?

Imagine having your personal set of tools to transform your life to be whoever or whatever you choose to be!

This is what I will commit myself to help you attain. All it needs is your willingness to focus your attention and commit yourself to apply the techniques shown to you.

I have always been a spiritual person whose true passion is to help develop people to realize their highest potential. I am continually upgrading my skills to improve myself to attain my highest potential and in doing so share my skills with you.

I enjoy a successful career in Information Technology (I.T.) and started out as an accounting machine engineer and then discovered my work career was with I.T. I attained a Diploma of Business Studies (EDP) and then started my IT career as a computer programmer, then as an analyst programmer, team lead, applications manager, project manager and successfully held the position of Deputy Department manager and program manager for a team of 40 people. In recent times my career grew and I successfully took up the full-time role of Program manager servicing large global clients. My passion in my I.T. career and my life’s journey has been to help and inspire a wide range of people. This allowed people to develop and raise the standard of achievement within my department. I currently manage a unique work Mentor / Mentee program, teaching a group of mentors that assist the department staff to achieve their goals. I also initiated a weekly meditation group at the work place and also held a work related Stress workshop for the staff.

I recently expanded my practitioner skill sets and now enjoy being a certified NLP Master and certified Advanced Theta (DNA) practitioner. I have been on many additional self development conferences ranging from mind development, wealth creation, spiritual development via mediation, and health enhancement.

During 2009 and more recently in Jan 2010 I have upgraded my skills yet again. In 2009 I upgraded my NLP skills to certify myself with leadership training and in November certified myself as an NLP trainer of NLP practitioners with the Christopher Howard Companies. In Jan 2010 I was so excited to attend Vianna's Gold Coast seminars to certify myself as a ThetaHealingtm teacher for Basic theta, Advanced Theta, and Manifesting & Abundance.

I am honoured to do volunteer work. Currently, working with Project Management Instutute Melbourne Chapter (PMI) and my roles are PMI Melbourne ToastMaster president, PMI Melbourne mentor within their Mentoring program, and involved in the Leadership program too. I am also associated with Virtues Campanions Incorportaed (VCInc) as their secretary and facilitator. We teach the 5 Virtues Language Strategies; Speaking the Virtues Language, Teachable Moments, Setting Clear Boundaries, Honouring the Spirit, and Spiritual Companioning. We are doing an exciting Project training teachers the Virtues Language so they can teach other school teachers and students.

My skill set is now very enhanced and I will assist you in all your personal aspects ranging from health, stress, phobias, relationships, wealth, general well being and attaining goals.

My aims

  • Make a difference to the world in a positive manner by assisting people to realize their highest positive potential.
  • Help spread the Virtues Language to raise peacefulness and trust in the world
  • Continue to improve my skills and knowledge.
  • Pass my knowledge onto those who genuinely want to help others.

Certified NLP Master Facilitator via Chris Howard Companies
Certified Life Coach & Mentor via Chris Howard Companies
Virtues Language Facilitator via VCInc
Training and Assessment Certificate 4 (TAE40110)
Certified Theta Healing® Teacher Facilitator

Email: tony@thetainspirations.com


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