Theta Meditation

Reinvent yourself and be a master of your own destiny
Mastery of your subconscious mind that runs 95% of your responses to life
Open your heart to your joyous mystical self      

Free sample Who am I CD tract.

Based on my 40 yrs of meditation experiences and quantum physics, I have designed the most practical powerful self help tool available. It will help you rewire your brain with your new positive uplifting pathways and interrupt your old self-destructive habits and self-limiting thought patterns/beliefs/programs.
Learning anything new requires self effort and repetition until the new becomes part of the mind’s intricate data processing system. I am inviting you to experience the immense power of this CD. It has been scientifically accredited in Melbourne and found to have an incredible therapeutic effect on the coherence levels between heart and mind. It relaxes you, opens your heart to love, to contentment and cultivates stillness of mind.
IMAGINE for just 15 minutes a day, YOU achieve a lifetime of inner peace, love and joy.
BEING who you truly are; a fully conscious,
Magnificent Powerful Spirit having a human adventure.    

Theta meditation a CD Experience
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Price: 35.00

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